Black Friday is a film based on the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai which many believe were organised as retaliation for the Bombay riots which left over 1,500 people dead. The movie is about the intricate planning, execution, consequences and the retribution of the bombings - all spearheaded by Tiger Memon (Pawan Malhotra)


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The bombing of the BSE. This is just seconds before the bombing takes place
Baasha Khan was sent to Kolkata by Tiger Memon, assuring him that he would be taken to Dubai next. Seeing no progress in that direction, a frustrated Baasha Khan tours Kolkata.
Baasha Khan aimlessly walking the streets of Kolkata, frustrated. Here is walking past the famous College Street, known for its book treasure.
One of the suspects of the bombing is a slippery eel called Imitiaz. His chase by the police took a good 20 minutes of movie time. The chase was hilarious as well.