Shekhar (Arvind Swamy) and Shaila Bano (Manisha Koirala) fall in love despite coming from Hindu-Muslim backgrounds. The story revolves around their family in the midst of religious tensions emanating from the Babri Masjid controversy in Bombay.


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Shekhar lives in this house in his village. Shaila Bano comes to see him in the pretext of borrowing a book from Shekhar's sister. When she is running away from there, Shekhar call ...
Shaila Bano's house in the village. This scene is when she runs away from home in the night, to go to Shekhar in Mumbai.
Song sung by Shaila Bano at a wedding ceremony, while Shekhar watches on...both of them slowly falling in love with each other.
The poignant, love ballad that Shekhar sings has a Shaila Bano unable to bear the agony of separation running towards him on the slopes of a tower in the fort.
A part of the song is shot at Gateway of India where the family is having fun running around
"Humma humma" song picturised on Sonali Bendre is at Mannat, which is Shah Rukh Khan's house. This song celebrates the first night that Shekhar and Shaila Bano have together.
Shekhar sees Shaila Bano for the first time as she alights from a boat, wearing a hijab at the Chandragiri River at Kasargod in Kerala. The wind blows the hijab off her face and Sh ...
Shekhar enters his village by walking on the Chandragiri Bridge, Kasargod, Kerala. Incidentally this is where he first sees Shaila Bano