The story is of the protagonist who is a young Bengali man adventuring in Africa in 1909-1910. He yearns for adventure, wild lands, forests and animals which takes him to Uganda with the job of a station master.How he transforms himself as an explorer while experiencing dangers and survival tactics is the gist of the movie.


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Shankar on his adventure trip to the Moon Mountain with Portugal explorer Diego Alvarez crosses the canyon.
Shankar wanted to take revenge of his friends death so he plans to kill the lion and in turn gets chased by African lions at the Drakensburg Grasslands
Shankar is lost in the torturous and hot Kalahari Desert in Africa
Elands Valley landscape is a beautiful mixture between mountains and hills, forests along the river and savannah – an irreplaceable area with the highest biodiversity status.
The Drakensberg, also known as the "Dragon Mountains," is southern Africa’s most impressive mountain range and one of the world’s oldest centers of plant endemism. This mountai ...
Chander Pahar or Mountain of the Moon is the enchanting and spectacular Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa
Shankar enters a cave to find his way to Chander Pahar where he fights a big python wrapped around him.
Shankar in deep thought about his life while seated in one of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, the Nakuru Rift Valley in Kenya
Shankar and Diego Alvarez float their trawler through Congo River and then they walked through the nearby jungles to enter Rhodesia Kingdom, all in the pursuit of the diamonds
When the gambler gives Shankar and Alvarez an accurate map of Africa, they enter the Rhodesian kingdom after crossing the mighty Victoria Falls in Zambia across a hanging bridge
Shankar and Alvarez run for their lives when the mountain erupts fire and ash. It is assumed that this mountain was modelled after the Ol Doinyo Lengai mountain in Tanzania, Africa