Director : Vijay

Production :

Cast : Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, Kalpana

Forest Officer, Kumar (Rajkumar) goes to protect the sandalwood trees, where he not only uncovers the entire sandalwood and elephant poachers but also a family secret.


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"Arererere gini rama" song in the middle of the sandalwood forests in Kakana Kote, Karnataka
"Naanaduva nudiye kannada nudi" song at Bandipur Forests, Karnataka. The very famous scene when Dr. Rajkumar is lifted and carried by the great male tusker.
"Naanaduva nudiye kannada nudi" song at Bandipur, Karnataka
Rounding up all the elephants in the elephant enclosure done in the Nagarhole National Park
This scene was the site of the infamous "Gandhadha Gudi" controversy. Here Vishnuvardhan is supposed to shoot at Rajkumar while holding his mother tied atop a drum. In the shooting ...
"Naanaduva nudiye kannada nudi" song at Bolgudda in Bandipur, Karnataka