Director : Shankar Nag

Production :

Cast : Akshata Rao, Shankar Nag

Geetha (Akshata Rao) falls in love with a singer (Shankar Nag). Just when both of them dream of a life together, Geetha is diagnosed with blood cancer.


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"Santhoshakke" song is Shankar Nag's high-energy, foot-tapping number. He is introduced in this song as sitting on a giant guitar when he comes on stage. Incidentally where this so ...
This masterpiece of a song starts off at the Western Catchment region in Ooty. This song is one of the iconic songs in the Kannada film industry
"Yene kelu koduve" song at Ooty Lake
"Yene kelu koduve" song at the grassy meadows of Wenlock Downs in Ooty
Sanjay-Geeta conversation at the Eucalyptus forest in Ooty