Director : Mani Ratnam

Production : Bhagyalakshmi Enterprises

Cast : Nagarjuna, Girija

Prakash (Nagarjuna), a terminally ill patient, meets Geethanjali (Girija) who is full of life and mischief. They keep playing tricks on each other and eventually fall in love, until he discovers a shocking truth about her.


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Prakash's house is shown in dim lighting throughout the movie. It seems like a modest place, however it is one of the grandest palaces in India. The song "Om Namaha" was also shot  ...
Geethanjali's house in once again shown in dim lighting and smoke...just as is Mani Ratnam's style of photography.
This song is shot with breathtaking slow motion camerawork in the already beautiful Botanical Gardens. It is the song that introduces Geethanjali. The old man who dances in the son ...
Prakash sings this melancholic song and is wandering by himself. Gitanjali and her friends tail him and finally tease him by mimicking the song.
This is the hospital where Geethanjali's father works. This is the Golf Links Club overlooking the 9-hole golf course. When the movie was shot, the building seen in the picture is  ...
In a constant game of cat and mouse, Geethanjali invites Prakash for a date. She waits for him at an old bridge in the Western Catchment area. He later comes but abandons her there ...
This is the place where Geethanjali confronts Prakash when she learns that he has cancer.
"O Priya priya" song at Jaisalmer Sand dunes. Around 100 camels were used for this song.
"O Priya priya" song at Gadisagar Lake in Jaisalmer. Around 100 camels were used for this song.
"Nandi Konda Vagullona" song at Tiger Hill Cemetery, Conoor