Hum Di De Chuke Sanam  

| 1999 | Hindi

Sameer (Salman Khan) and his master's daughter Nandini (Aishawarya Rai) are in love. But Nandini is forced to marry Vanraj (Ajay Devgan). When Vanraj finds out that Nandini is in love with Sameer, he takes it upon himself to reunite the lovers.


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"Man Mohini" song picturised on Nandini while she dances on the Rann.
"Albela sajan" song with Jaisalmer Fort in the background. Sameer learning music from his master, Pundit Darbar
"Albela sajan" song at Gadisagar Lake.
"Albela sajan" song at Rao Lakha Cenotaph in Bhuj. Nandini and Sameer both learning music from Pundit Darbar.
Nandhini-Sameer saat phere at the cenotaph complex at Chhattaradi in Bhuj
Nandini's house is the Vijay Vilas Palace
"Chand chupa" song sung on the terrace of Vijay Vilas Palace. The dome in the background is clearly seen.
Nandini is unhappy with Vanraj. So he drags her down the long flight of stairs and throws her out of the house.

Shot At

Hungary > Budapest
The bridge in Hungary, which is shown as the bridge in Italy in the movie, where Nandini imagines Sameer to be running towards her screaming her name. Also the place where a drunk  ...
Vanraj brings Nandini to Sameer. However she tells Sameer that she is now married and has moved on. The Director even changed the curtains of the opera theatre set off the gray col ...