The plot revolves around Chhotu/Kalam (Harsh Mayar), a poor Rajasthani boy, who is inspired by the life of former President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and his strong desire for education. He starts off as a boy helping in a dhaba and how he works his fortune upward towards his goal for education.


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"Chand Taare" song in the background as Chhotu's mother brings him across the green Bikaner desert to Bhatti's dhaba for work.
Kalam serving tea to the guests in the heritage hotel (Bhairon Vilas Palace in Bikaner, Rajasthan) which is shown as King Rudrapratap Singh's royal mansion. Kalam sits on a camel a ...
"Jeevan Ek Rangoli" song picturises the growing friendship between Kalam and Ranvijay. Here, both of them are playing in the area around the Devi Kund Sagar, which are the cenotaph ...
Kalam brings Lucy to the Karni Mata Temple or the Rat Temple without warning her about the rats. He blindfolds her and makes her sit amidst the rats. She shrieks when she looks aro ...

Shot At

India > Delhi
Kalam runs away to Delhi to meet the President. Here he is awestruck by the India Gate in Delhi.