KABUL EXPRESS is set in post 9/11 Afghanistan where the American bombing has destroyed the Taliban regime and the Taliban soldiers are trying to escape to Pakistan. Against this turbulent backdrop, Jai [Arshad Warsi] and Suhel [John Abraham], two Indian television reporters, have entered Afghanistan to get a rare interview with a Talibani. Jai and Suhel's mission becomes a nightmare as they are taken hostage aboard the Kabul Express by a Talibani and made to drive across the most dangerous country in the world.


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Afghanistan > Kabul
As the credits roll and Jai and Suhel drive to Kabul on top of a war tank, this ruined palace is seen in the background. The Darul-Aman palace in west Kabul is one of the most phot ...
This is the 5-star hotel for their stay in Kabul..."Hotele Kabulia" as the army man puts it. This is the Green Palace in Kabul, which is ofcourse now in ruins.
Most of Jai and Suhel's journey in the Kabul Express, with Imran the Talib was shot in Panjshir Valley
The buzkashi game where Jai and Suhel almost get killed under the horses' feet is shot at the ground opposite the Bala Hissar Citadel in Kabul.