Estranged brothers Rahul (Fawad Afzal Khan) and Arjun Kapoor (Sidharth Malhotra) are compelled to return to their childhood home in Coonoor when their 90-year-old grandfather Amarjeet (Rishi Kapoor) suffers a heart attack. They discover that their parents marriage is on the verge of collapse,the family is undergoing a financial crunch and much more as the drama unfolds.


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Celebrating Grandpa's 90th birthday, "Buddhu Sa Mann" song is a celebration at the 180 McIver house at Conoor in Tamil Nadu
The Kapoor House is the 180 McIver Heritage Bungalow in Conoor, Tamil Nadu in India which is also a Resort
Talking about each other and their lives, Arjun and Tia sit at the Tiger Hill Cemetery in Conoor
"Bolna" song at Conoor and its Tea Estates