This is the story about the resilience shown by the Indians when they were under the British Rule. They are already taxed to the bone by the British and their cronies, but when Jack Russell announces that he will double the Lagaan (tax) from all villagers, they decide to oppose it. Leading the villagers is Bhuvan (Aamir Khan), who challenges them to a game of cricket, a game that is to be played by veteran British cricket players, versus villagers, who have never played this game before.


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Champaner village where the entire movie is based is actually Jam Kunaria village in Bhuj
"O ri chori" song on the hill in Champaner village, which is actually Jam Kunaria village in Bhuj
Capt. Russell's headquarters and also the site of "O ri chori" song sung by Elizabeth.
Capt Russell is summoned here by his superiors, to warn him about his decision regarding the cricket match with the villagers.