An underworld kingpin, Moussa (Sanjay Dutt) instructs his honcho to recruit people endowed with 'Luck' from across the globe to test their 'Luck' factor by participating in a deadly game of survival, as gamblers around the world bet on them.


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Tamaag convinces Major Jabbar Pratap Singh to participate in the deadly game of Luck when they meet at the Nariman Point in Mumbai
Ram arriving at the venue from Mumbai. He arrives at the Port of Durban in South Africa
The chosen participants from around the world assemble at the white sands of the Atlantis Dunes in Cape Town, South Africa, for their first game of luck which involves each of them ...
In the second game of luck, Moussa gets all the participants up a mountain overlooking Hout Bay. Then he explains that they will be dropped from a helicopter in the gorge below!
The participants are dropped from a helicopter into the deep Oribi Gorge in Durban, South Africa. While Moussa looks at them from above (Hout Bay which is in Cape Town!)
"Khudaya ve" song at Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa