Lucky: No Time for Love  

| 2005 | Hindi

An 18-year old high school girl, Lucky Negi (Sneha Ullal) and Aditya Sekhri (Salman Khan) are caught in the middle of a civil unrest. How they manage to get back home amidst all the rising dangers around and the love that blossoms in their hearts, forms the crux of the story


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The movie begins with Lucky and her sister sitting in a park in beautiful St. Petersburg. Lucky daydreaming while her sister writing a letter.

Shot At

While the credits roll, Lucky and sister on their way to school, cycle past all the important monuments in St. Petersburg.
Lucky and sister cycling in St. Petersburg in front of Hotel Astoria.
Lucky and sister cycling past the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.
Lucky and her 3 school friends sing the "Hai rama rama" song around St. Petersburg. Here Lucky watches on a wedding takes place at the Palace Square and start day-dreaming
Lucky and sister cycling in St. Petersburg past the St. Petersburg Church
"Russia - a fairyland" - This is what Lucky and her sister feel as they look at the city of St. Petersburg from across where there Panzerkreuzer Aurora is moored.
"Jaan meri jayegi sanam" son at The Catherine Palace. The blue drapes are part of a set.
"Jaan meri jayegi sanam" song at Pavlovsk Palace in the ornate bedroom.