Qayamat: City Under Threat 

| 2003 | Hindi

Rachit (Ajay Devgan) is a the only convict who had ever escaped the inescapable Elphinstone Jail. So when terror strikes Mumbai and hostages were being held at Elphinstone, Inspector Akram Sheikh (Sunil Shetty) looks to Rachit for help


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Inspector Akram and Rachit with their team come to Elphinstone Jail to release the hostages. The Elphinstone Jail is shot in Fortim-do-Mor or the Panikotha in Diu, India
"Dil Churaliya" song sung by a love-struck Rachit and Sapna on top of the Crystal Rock in Mauritius
"Dil Churaliya" song continues at Coin de Mire, the whale-shaped rock that rises up abruptly from the sea in North Mauritius