Sunder (Raj Kapoor), Radha (Vyjayantimala) and Gopal (Rajendra Kumar) are childhood friends. Sunder is obsessed with Radha, who has eyes only for Gopal. In a freak twist, Sunder and Radha are married. But Sunder comes across a love letter written to Radha...


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Gopal gatecrashes into Sunder and Radha's honeymoon. They meet at Trummelbach Falls in Switzerland
The "O Mehbooba" song shot at Ooty Lake gives us a picture of how pristine Ooty Lake was in 1964, before tourism caught up. Radha escapes from Sunder but he follows her by boat sin ...
Honeymoon at the Eiffel Tower, Paris
Honeymooning in the snow, dog-sledging atop the Glacier 3000 in Switzerland
Honeymooning in the long romantic canoes in the lagoons of Venice. The canoes drift past the San Giorgio Maggiore Church in Venice.

Shot At

Italy > Lazio > Rome > II Vittoriano
Honeymoon in Rome. Radha and Sunder doing the usual touristy bits by taking photographs outside the II Vittoriano, Rome, Italy
Their hotel during their honeymoon in Switzerland was the Grand Hotel Giessbach. Since the movie was shot in 1960s, we can see Radha in the old, original structure of the hotel. Af ...