A group of world-class thieves are invited by Sir John Locksley (Rex Harrison) to his remote Indian Ocean island and are given the challenge of stealing the prized Shalimar jewel. Locksley - having possession of the stone due to his own burglary skills - is dying, and wants to basically crown the winner of the competition as his “successor.” with his beautiful nurse, Sheila (Zeenat), by his side. He shows the players how heavily fortified his security system is, making it clear that failure equals death.


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Locksey's island home is the Bangalore Palace, Karnataka, India. This is the house which is supposed to be in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
"Naag devta" song sung by Mohammed Rafi in this movie is picturised on the tribes singing on the Mahabalipuram beach in Tamil Nadu, India with the Shore Temple in the background.