A NASA scientist Mohan Bhargava (SRK) comes to India and is taken in by the problems of poverty and helplessness in his village. He decides to lend a hand to ease them. However he has to return back to the US. Will he leave India forever and go back to the US?


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India > Maharashtra > Satara > Wai
Charanpur is the small village in Central India to which Mohan comes in search of his childhood nanny Kaveriamma.
This is the place where the Ramayana play was staged and also the final "kusthi" scene was shot. Around this Ghat is also the big banyan tree under which the Panchayat scene in the ...
This is the song which is the turning point of the movie. During this song, Mohan has a change in heart after visiting extremely poor but hospitable people. He decides to stay on i ...
Mohan Bhargava is the Project Manager in NASA, USA. In this scene, he is looking at the picture of India on the globe...and the song 'Yeh jo des hai mera' poignantly plays in the b ...
Here Mohan's friend is trying to dissuade Mohan from leaving NASA and going back to settle down in India.