A senior anti-terrorist squad agent Ajay Kumar (Ajith) is betrayed by his friends, Aryan (Vivek Oberoi) and his team. He sets out to take revenge using his exemplary skills and technology


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Ajith begins the "Thalai Viduthalai" song while being surrounded by armies and helicopters on the Tsankov Kamak Dam in Bulgaria
The "Thalai Viduthalai" song continues at the Museum of Aviation in Belgrade, Serbia. The Museum of Aviation was a restricted zone for shooting. The filmmakers managed to secure  ...
"Kadhalaada" song is a soft melody shot in AK's house with his wife, who runs a restaurant cum music school. The pretty house is Hotel Bor which stands majestically on Lake Bor wit ...
"Thalai Viduthalai" song continues at the Batajnice Air Base in Belgrade, Serbia which shows AK commandeering forces, training officers atop huge military airplanes and war tankers ...
The "Kadhalaada" song continues as AK and his wife attend a wedding at the most beautiful church in Slovenia called the Church of St. Primus and Felician in Jamnik in Slovenia
AK, Aryan and his team lay a trap in Bulgaria for Natasha while they stand watch in a building nearby. The Dzhumaya Mosque is seen in the background.
AK and his team trying to capture Natasha by projecting a virtual image of her boyfriend sitting at a park bench in Glavna Street at the main Plovdiv Central area in Bulgaria
Tunnel sequence was shot in Belgrade in the downtown area. The tunnel was part of the Serbian Railways, and it was closed off for a week to aid this shoot. At this tunnel, AK tak ...
AK guides Yazhini to the Belgrade Beer Fest where he meets her, thereby confusing Aryan and the police who were tracking her movements.
When AK and his assistant go to a group of Albanians and ask for Natasha's boyfriend's whereabouts, a huge fight ensues from where AK comes out unscatched. This sequence is shot at ...
"Thalai Viduthalai" song at the Stara Planina Mountain National Park in Serbia
"Surviva" song at Stara Planina Mountain National Park, Serbia. This part was shot when there was no snow in the Mountain region
"Surviva" song at Stara Planina Mountain National Park, Serbia. This portion of the song was shot after the snowfall during peak winter.
Aryan and team at the Counter Terrorist Squad office which was filmed in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad!
The grand climax fight between AK and Aryan was shot at the Lazar's Cave in eastern Serbia. This was also the famous sequence where AK removes his shirt!