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Shooting at a 180-year Old Building for 'Kinaare' - Kannada Feature Film

BANGALORE - 40+ days to get shooting location permissions at a 180-year old building in the heart of Bangalore, unseen and unheard of by the commercial world. A quaint building that stood testament to the noble work of charity for the orphaned girl child.






























Another Filmapia location for the upcoming Kannada movie 'Kinaare'. 

Every actor and crew member who came there was in awe of its aura and simplicity in today's world.

And the Director insisted that this particular location fit his vision and also resonated with his movie. This gave Filmapia a difficult goal to accomplish. 

This location proved to be our most 'exclusive' experience. Exclusive, because it took us 40+ days of tiding through red tape, non-existent policies and administrative blunders just to get permissions to shoot here and it was not even a government property! 


Things that worked for us - a lot of patience, some contacts, some out-of-the-box thinking and ofcourse Providence

Shooting 40% of the movie there...well! That's another story for another day!

Debut director, debut actor, virgin locations, unique style of filmmaking on a socially-sensitive subject and great music. We wish 'Kinaare' all the best!