"Altassian Corporation" - Corporate Video

"Altassian Corporation" - Corporate Video

BANGALORE - Filmapia worked as the Producer and Fixer for this Corporate Video for Altassian Corporation, the Australian software company

  • Client - Altassian Corporation, USA 
  • November 2022
  • Location - Bangalore, India


Role for this Shoot - Producer and Fixer

Filmapia worked as a Producer and Fixer for this very last-minute shoot coordinating with clients across USA, Netherlands, Australia, and Bangalore. 

  • Interviewing three people who were not previously prepped for the interviews nor had an idea of the questions they were going to be asked. Getting them into a conversation naturally and making them answer. A talent few have!
  • Putting together a shooting team of DoP, assistants and equipment at the last minute and heading to the shoot without even a recce. 
  • B-rolls of the city and the office and home places.