Rent your property OR Find properties for Film Shoots.

Filmmakers are on the constant look out for great locations which suit their film script & shoot requirements. These locations could range from your pretty house, your spare room to a big farmhouse or garden.

So enlist your property with Filmapia - which will actually be shown to the world and not to forget, you get paid for it too!

For typical 8 - 10 hour shoots, your property could earn* you:

* These are indicative numbers and can change as per actual shooting requirements.

Please mail [email protected] with required details. See below for more information and guidelines.

Required Details

  • Your Full name
  • Your Contact details (address, phone, email, website if any)
  • If you are not the owner of the property, then contact details of the owner (Name, Address, phone, email, website if any.)
  • Property address.
  • Property description.
  • Area of the property which is being rented out (in square feet/meters).
  • If there are multiple floors (in case of a multi-floored property), which floors are you renting out?
  • Directions to property (with Google map co-ordinates if possible)? Access by road?
  • Nearest place for parking for large vehicles.
  • Any highlights of surrounding area : e.g. has a lake nearby/ easy access/ has railway tracks/ factory/ crowded area/ etc. Anything that you think that can make film shooting easy, difficult or useful.
  • Has the property been used in any film shootings earlier?


Give us an initial set of photographs. If accepted by the support [email protected], we might accept/ask for videos too, which can help present a better case.

  • Please send digital photographs only. Scanned photographs will not be able to capture the essence of a place well enough.
  • Take wide shots of your property (both from inside and outside.)
  • Avoid taking close up shots of individual items within or outside the property.
  • Do take more than a few (around 4) pictures each of your room, kitchen, yard, etc. well, from different angles.
  • Send photos in jpeg format, size of each picture not exceeding 1MB.
  • The listing of your property will be free of charge on Filmapia.
  • Filmapia will charge you a nominal percentage of the deal. This will be at the discretion of Filmapia.

Mail [email protected] for more details, if required.

Points to Note

Availability of your Property
  • You have to ensure that the property you enlisted is available for shooting during the entire hours and days that the shooting will take place, without any obstacles
  • Shootings consume a lot of electricity. You have to ensure that you have a reliable and uninterrupted power supply during the length of the shooting. You should either have a back up generator, else will have to inform the shooting people that this is a constraint and they might need to arrange for a generator themselves.

Terms of Agreement

By submitting your information, photographs, videos, etc. :

  • You consent to give the rights to Filmapia, including any or all its offices, employees & representatives (from now on known simply as Filmapia) to use, reproduce, distribute and display the photographs, videos by Filmapia to showcase the property, for promotions or any other requirements as deemed correct by Filmapia.
  • You consent to give the rights to Filmapia to publish the property details in different venues, not limited to this website, as required by Filmapia.
  • You consent to give the rights to Filmapia to share your contact information with Filmmakers, vendors, etc. who are interested in renting your property.
  • You agree that you will not hold Filmapia responsible in any way, in case of wrong enquiries or any other issues that arise out of sharing your contact information.  Having said that, Filmapia will be trying it's best to verify the authenticity of Filmmakers, vendors and other parties who have access to your property/contact information.
  • You agree that the contact information is true and correct in all forms, at the time of submitting the information.
  • You agree to indemnify Filmapia against all losses, damages, claims and/or expenses that may arise due to any film shoot activities.
  • You agree that you are fully authorized to rent out the said property and enter into any film shoot location contract with Filmapia or any film makers who contact you.
  • You agree that Filmapia can change it's terms & conditions with respect to the content contributed by you, without any explicit permission from you.
  • You agree that Filmapia is in no way responsible for any damage, losses, expenses, costs, claims because of any information published on this website or any of it's other media venues.