Rahul (Rahul Roy) meets Anu Verghese (Anu Aggarwal) and they fall in love. Rahul helps Anu become independent and find a job. Anu becomes a model and wants to help Rahul in shaping his career. However his ego gets in the way of true love.


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This song is sung immediately after the two of them elope from her engagement party. It is sung across some of the most beautiful locales of Ooty. Part of the song is shot in the B ...
The song continues into the very popular shooting locale - The Ninth Mile
The same song continues into the highest peak Doddabetta. Here Rahul pretends to fall off the cliff.
Anu is taking a typing test given by Rahul, with the "Nazar ke saamne" song sentiment, at Hanging Gardens, overlooking the view of Marine Drive