CIA's best exfiltrator Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck)'s account of the historical rescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran, Iran during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. To get the diplomats stuck in the turmoil, out of Iran, Tony Mendez gets together an unlikely team comprising of a prosthetics expert - John Chambers and a well known Hollywood producer - Lester Siegel to create a fake movie "Argo", from which the actual movie derives it's title. The team (with funding from the US government and help from the Canadian government) go to great lengths to make the fake movie as "real" as possible. With this fake movie background, Tony Mendez attempts an audacious rescue attempt to get the shaken up diplomats out of Tehran.


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Smokehouse Restaurant is the original location where the “film-makers” in the movie actually hatched their ruse to rescue the six Americans trapped in Tehran. The restaurant ha ...
Miss Gabor’s mansion in Beverly Hills was used to depict the home of Lester Siegel, the film’s crusty producer of the film-within-a-film. Although Miss Gabor was at home during ...
When the job to rescue the 6 American diplomats becomes a priority, the best exfiltrator in CIA, Tony Mendez is summoned for the job. In this scene, he is entering the CIA headquar ...
Tony Mendez entering the signature entrance of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, USA

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Turkey > Istanbul
In a bid to build a strong cover for his movie 'Argo', Tony Mendez first goes to Istanbul. Here he is on the banks of the Bosphorus strait.

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Turkey > Istanbul
Tony further moves into Istanbul and enters impressive The Blue Mosque
As Tony enters the city of Tehran, the first view we get is of the gigantic, imposing Azadi Tower in the middle of the landmark Azadi Square in Tehran, Iran
The Canadian Ambassador's house where the 6 diplomats had been hiding is shot at Hancock Park, Los Angeles, USA. One of the location manager, Baugh's, most difficult tasks was find ...