Director : S.V Rajendra Singh

Production :

Cast : Suhasini, Vishnuvardhan

Dr. Harish (Vishnuvardhan) is in love with his student, Dr. Nandhini (Suhasini), but Nandhini regards him as her mentor and marries another man. Dr. Harish withdraws into a shell, while Nandhini's marriage fails. She has to decide between her marriage and profession.


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"Banna Nanna Olavina Banna" song at Lakya Dam in Kudremukha, Chikamagalur. Splashes of colour throughout the song, with Suhasini's saree colour changing according to the colour men ...
Dr. Harish giving a rose to Nandini, while on their medical camp
This song by Dr. Harish on the day of Nandini's wedding is a melody that is both sad and beautiful. Shot in the ballroom of the Lalitha Mahal Palace
This song sung by Dr. Harish at the reception of Nandini's wedding is a melody everyone loves. Shot at the swimming pool of the Grand Hotel Ashok
Ee bandhana song at Harangi Dam sung by Nandini and her husband on their honeymoon. Everything is hunky dory, until the song ends.
Dr.Harish proposing to Nandhini at the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam, by giving the analogy of a dam.