Sahir Khan (SRK), the superstar, comes to a village to shoot. Billu (Irrfan Khan) is the barber there, who suddenly becomes popular when the villagers get to know that he is Sahir Khan's childhood friend. They egg him on for favours from Sahir Khan. However, Billu fails. Were Billu and Sahir really childhood friends?


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The village Budbuda in Uttar Pradesh is actually a small town called Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. It is characterised by rows of green hills, green carpet of grass and lots of coconut a ...
Billu's house set amidst the lush greenery was truly a sight to behold, even when the set was removed.
While Sahir Khan cycles around, enjoying the serene surroundings, Billu's wife also joins him in song. When the film was shot, there was less rainfall and the shoot was done on the ...
This place is a point of interaction between Billu's wife and her friends. All the womenfolk in the village, get together to wash clothes, have a bath and gossip here.