Chandni Chowk to China 

| 2009 | Hindi

Siddhu (Akshay Kumar) is a simple cook from Chandni Chowk who is mistaken for the reincarnation of an ancient peasant warrior by the residents of an oppressed Chinese village. After circumstances force him, Siddhu transforms himself into the warrior who rescues Chinese village from the menace.


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"Chandni Chowk to China" song at the Forbidden City, Beijing. Siddhu's imagination when he is flying from Delhi to China.
Siddhu learning Kung-Fu at the Great Wall of China
When the oppressed Chinese villagers go to the Buddhist priest in the cave to seek answers to their problem, they learn about the reincarnation of their hero. The cave is in Ratcha ...
This Chinese village was a set created amidst the Snake Mountains and Lake in Ratchaburi.

Shot At

India > Delhi
Siddhu consulting astrologers. In this particular scene, the astrologer gives him a ring which falls and rolls down the stairs of the Agrasen ki baoli.
Siddhu's shop in Parathewali Gali, Delhi