Iqbal (Amitabh Bachchan) is the union leader of the coolies. The major enemy to Iqbal is Zahfar, the evil buisnessman who stole his mother away from him and who is the core of all conflict for the Coolies. With his will and God's protection, Iqbal tries to reunite with his mother and become the victor to his cause.


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Iqbal's father going to Haj instead of him
"Accident hogaya" song at the Bandstand in Cubbon Park, Bangalore. Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library is seen in the background.
"Accident hogaya" song at Nandi Hills
"Accident hogaya" song amidst the rocky hills at Ramanagaram
"Accident hogaya" song at Big Banyan Tree
"Jawani ki rail gadi" song at Van Rani, which was painted yellow
Fight and shooting sequence at Haji Ali.
"Lambooji Tinguji" song at Cubbon Park