A story about 3 people with the same name of David and their different destinies during different eras. They are about to take a huge step in their lives and how the life of each has a bearing on the other.


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"Maria Pitache" picturized at the scenic beach location of Kaup at Udupi near Mangalore, Karnataka, India
"Maria Pitache" song continues when Roma kisses David on top of the Kaup Beach Lighthouse in Udupi in Karnataka, India
When people who want the don Ghani dead arrange for a meeting with him, David smells a rat and shoots the negotiator at the Pine Forest in Ooty which gives the look and feel of a f ...
Ghani's bodyguards in his house which is shot at the Duke of York, Belfast, Ireland. Parts of the movie in which Ghani's house is filmed is also shot at the Fernhill Palace, Ooty
"Mast kalandar" song at the opulent Fernhill Palace in Ooty in India, which stands as Ghani's mansion in London
Ghani observing Muharram at the Commercial Court, Belfast, Ireland. During this time, there is an attempt to kill him, but David manages to save him