Director : Girish Kasaravalli

Production : Soundarya

Cast : Vasudar Rao, Avinash, Soundarya

Dweepa deals with the raging issue of building dams and the displacement of natives. Located in the backwaters of a dam, Sita Parvata is an island slowly submerging due to the rains. Nagi (Soundarya) and her family have to decide between accepting the government compensation and moving to safer places as others were doing, or braving the rain. They choose the latter.


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Nagi and her husband's Sita Parvata village receives warning from the government that everyone has to evacuate it. So people pay their last respects to the temple in the village an ...
Nagi and husband rowing past the Honnemardu isle in the Linganamakki Backwaters of Shimoga in Karnataka, India