Liz (Julia Roberts), after a bitter divorce, goes off globe trotting in the quest to find herself. She goes to Italy for food, India for meditation and Indonesia for love.


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Liz exploring the streets of Rome, Italy and walks down the Via dei Cappellari aka the Hatter's Street in Rome.

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Italy > Lazio > Rome > Piazza Navona
Liz walks through the famous city square of Rome, the Piazza Navona and watches in wonder the famous fountains.
The ashram in India where Liz spent 4 months. Shooting was not allowed in the ashram where Elizabeth Gilbert actually spent time, so the movie had to film in Hari Mandir Ashram in  ...
Liz and Richard bond over 'chai' at a small shop in Mirzapur village, close to Pataudi Palace in Uttar Pradesh. The village is about 65 km from Delhi.
Liz's quest for love brings her to the island of Bali in Indonesia. She arrives at the small town of Ubud and spends time cycling through the rice terraces and the coconut plantati ...
Ketut Liyer, the medicine man, is a celebrity in his own right in Ubud. Liz meets Ketut Liyer (Hadi Subiyanto), the medicine man in Ubud who foretells her life in the beginning of  ...

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Indonesia > Bali > Ubud
Liz and Felipe spending time together in Ubud, shopping in the colourful markets.