Lee, (Bruce Lee) a Shaolin master, is approached by law enforcement officers to infiltrate a fighting tournament on an island run by a gangster named Han (Kien Shih), who has a lucrative business in slave trade and opium dealing. Han was also a Shaolin monk, but had disgraced the temple with his actions. Lee has a personal score to settle too.


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Bruce is squaring up to a long- haired Samo Hung Gam Bo with Roy Chiao officiating as the head monk. This is shot at the outskirts of the village of Ho Sheung Heung in Hong Kong. T ...
Bruce Lee talking to his Shaolin master in the surroundings of the Tsing Shan Monastery in Hong Kong
Bruce Lee at his mother's grave which is shot in the Muslim Cemetery in Happy Valley in Hong Kong
Bruce Lee going to Han's island in a ferry via the Floating City in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong
The long shot of this fictional island was created using the topography of Kau Yi Chau, and superimposing the mansion King Yin Lei, 45 Stubbs Road, and the tennis courts of Palm Vi ...
The outdoor shot of Han's palace is the King Yin Lei, Hong Kong
The tournament at Palm Villa tennis courts, Hong Kong
The tournament at Palm Villa tennis courts, Hong Kong The scene at the tiered tennis courts where Bruce knocks out 12 people from all 4 sides took 32 takes.
The final fight scene was modelled on the then interior d├ęcor of King Yin Lei
The Mirror sequence was a set created and modelled after the interiors of the King Yin Lei. This fight in the Hall of Mirrors is one of the most famous fights in the movie. The Hon ...