Jab Harry met Sejal 

| 2017 | Hindi

The story revolves around Harry (Shah Rukh Khan) and Sejal's (Anushka Sharma) journey across Europe. A search for Sejal's engagement ring makes Harry understand love and relationships better.


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"Butterfly" song shot at the Mustard Fields in Punjab
"Butterfly" song at the Nurmahal Serai in Jalandhar in Punjab
"Radha" song at the Vrtba Gardens in Prague
At the Aldea Restaurante in Lisbon, Portugal
Harry the guide taking his tourists past the windmills in Netherlands

Shot At

Italy > Lazio > Rome > The Colosseum
The movie describes Harry as the guide around Colosseum, Rome
Harry continues his journey as a guide at Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower
Harry conducting his Euro Tour at the London Eye with the Tower Bridge in the background
Harry and Sejal at the Liberty Bridge in Budapest in Hungary