Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar  

| 1992 | Hindi

Sanjay Lal (Aamir Khan) and Ratan Lal are poor local kids in the beautiful scenic college town of Dehradun. When Ratan loses a crucial race to Shekhar Malhotra (Deepak Tijori), a rich kid from the snobbish Rajput School, Ratan’s father vows to win back the race for the town’s poor folks. The movie deals with the trials and tribulations of Sanjay’s desire for Devika (Pooja Bedi), his growing up and his standing up to fulfil his father's dream.


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This is the elite college in Dehradun, where Shekhar Malhotra and his gang study. They are the champions in any event that they undertake.
This song is shot in slow motion and is absolutely intoxicating and an anthem for first love. It is picturised across stunningly beautiful locales of the Western Catchment area. Ra ...
Queen's College is the girls college in Dehradun, where the daughters of rich and famous people study. Rajput College and Queen's College always move as a team, while the other col ...
This part of the same song is sung by Anjali in slow motion too. Her heart sings this song for Ratan. While she sings for Ratan, unfortunately Ratan sings in the same note to Devik ...
The movie begins by showing this picture and introducing the town as "Dehradun". It is actually Kodaikanal in the Nilgiri Hills, where most of the movie is shot.