Director : C. R Simha

Production :

Cast : Laavanya, Shrinath, Lokesh

The movie is about Kaka Nayaka who was the legendary leader of the forest-dwelling Jenu Kuruba people. Kaka Nayaka fought for the rights of the Jenu Kuruba people who were exploited by the local tax collector for the maharaja of Mysore. Kaka refused to pay the taxes half of which never reached Mysore. He along with his tribe lived in the forests of Mysore, today named after himself as the "Kakanakote" forest.


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"Bettada thudiyalli" song during the credits of the movie featuring the elephant population in Kakanakote forests.
"Nesara nodu" song - a fantastic song in the tribal mood about nature, sung by Kaka's sister
Kaka the "intelligent man" in the Kuruba tribe returning to his village by boat on the Kabini River.