Kannathil Muthamittal 

| 2002 | Tamil

Amudha (P.S Keerthana) is an irrepressible, adopted daughter of an urban Tamil family in Chennai. Amudha's birth mother Shyama (Nandita Das) is a rebel leader of a Sri Lankan LTTE cell. The film narrates the disruption and reintegration of Amudha's foster family around two key events: her foster parents Indra and Thiruchelvan's revelation to the young girl that she is adopted, and Amudha's restless search for her birth mother which takes her from Chennai to Sri Lanka.


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A rebellious, troublesome Amudha at school in Chennai...shot at the Lawrence School in Lovedale, Ooty
Mother and daughter singing "Nenjil jil jil" song at Dhanushkodi, Rameswaram. The song depicts the love of a mother for her adopted daughter. White, flat sandy beach!
"Nenjil jil jil" song at Dhanushkodi, Rameswaram, at the actual ruins of a fishing boat on the beach
"Nenjil jil jil" song at the Land's End where the land almost dissolves into the sea. Dhanushkodi, Rameswaram
"Nenjil jil jil" song at Mandapam Beach in Rameswaram. This is the only beach in the region where we can see some waves. The other beaches are as placid as lakes.
Amudha and family travel to Colombo to meet Amudha's biological mother. These are scenes of Colombo as they travel by car. They drive past the Golden Buddha in Victoria Park
Travelling in Colombo past the famous Gangaramaya Temple
Amudha and family travelling by bus to Mandapam, a small town near Rameswaram where Amudha was abandoned as a child in a refugee camp, by her Sri Lankan mother who was an immigrant ...
Amudha runs away from the Town Hall where her father was giving a lecture and sits in the nearby Virahamahadevi Park. Here she befriends a person who later explodes himself against ...
This song has the most breathtaking visuals. Sung by father to his daughter about how God gave her as a little flower to them. "Kannathil Muthamittal" song at Athirapally Falls, Ke ...
This beautiful place is the Ninth Mile in Ooty. Ofcourse that jutting-out rock is a set.