Director : Yash Chopra

Production : Yash Raj Films

Cast : Anupam Kher, Sridevi, Anil Kapoor

VViren (Anil Kapoor) falls desperately in love with much elder Pallavi (Sridevi), but his shyness prevents him from revealing his true feelings. Pallavi marries another man. Years later, Pooja, her daughter, the mirror image of Pallavi, falls in love with much a elder Viren. However Viren still holds on to his past.


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"Mohe chedona" song sung by Pallavi on her rooftop, dressed in a resplendent white ghaghra.
Veeren's home in Rajasthan is the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur. He lives in London, though he frequents this ancestral home, now looked after by his nanny.
Pallavi takes Veeren through the deserts on a camel. The song "Morini" is picturised here with Pallavi and Ila Arun's troupe of Rajasthani folk singers and dancers.
"Kabhi main kahoon" song at Nunsmere Hall in England. Nunsmere Hall is also shown as Veeren's London home.
"Kabhi main kahoon" song at Lake District in England, amidst the rolling green hills, immaculate gardens, crystal clear lakes...and the love in the song.