The film, set in India and Sri Lanka, is a political spy thriller with the backdrop of the Sri Lankan civil war. Major Vikram Singh (John Abraham) is an Indian Army special officer who is appointed by Research and Analysis Wing to head covert operations in Jaffna shortly after Indian peace-keeping force was forced to withdraw. The operations also lead to the assassination of the ex-Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi


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A drunk Vikram Singh is in a state of remorse for 3 years while he roams around the streets of Kasauli and confesses to the priest in Church of England in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh ...


The small town of Manapad near Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu is shown as the city of Jaffna
When the Indian Army decides to ambush Bhaskaran at his camp, they move slowly past the forests surrounding the Athirapally Falls in Kerala, India
When the Sri Lankan informer tells about the meeting at Madras Cafe, he does so on Manapad Beach with the lighthouse behind a stand in to the beaches of Jaffna
When Vikram Singh decides to return to Jaffna, he boards the boat from the Manapad shoreline
The RAW chief visits Vikram at a Cochin houseboat to show condolences for the death of Vikram's wife