Director : Yograj Bhat

Production : E K Entertainers

Cast : Pooja Gandhi, Ganesh, Anant Nag

Preetham (Ganesh) a rich, spoilt brat, falls in love with Nandini (Pooja Gandhi) at first sight. Unfortunately she turns out to be his mother's friend's daughter to whose wedding he goes. During the days of the wedding, Nandini falls for him, however Ganesh considers the expectations of the family. The movie is full of the charms of Preetham, laced with humor and emotion.


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Shot At

India > Karnataka
"Kunidu kunidu baare" at Madikeri also known as Coorg in Karnataka, India. Coorg in the monsoon season is heaven on earth with misty meadows and greenery all around
"Kunidu kunidu baare" song at Jog Falls, Karnataka, India. Jog Falls is the highest waterfall in India. In this movie, the director Yograj Bhatt has shot Jog Falls in the most beau ...
"Kunidu kunidu baare" song at Jog Falls, Karnataka, India. Nandini expresses her desire to go to the top of the Jog Falls. Preetam willing to fulfill her every wish takes her to th ...
"Kunidu kunidu baare" song amidst the green paddy fields at Talaguppa village, which is close to Jog Falls in Shimoga district, Karnataka, India
"Anisuthide" song at Sakleshpura, Karnataka, India
"Anisuthide" song at Sakleshpura, Karnataka, India. Sakleshpur is known as the coffee town due to its population of coffee estates
"Anisuthide" song at a ruined, encroached temple structure in Lakkundi, Karnataka, India
"Anisuthide" song at River Hemavathi in Karnataka, India
This scene is perhaps the turning point in the movie where Preetham in a drunken stupor cries for his broken heart and the futility of loving Nandini. Shot at the overflowing River ...
This portion of the song where Preetham sings that even if Nandini is not written in his fate (forehead), he has carved her in his heart. This he sings while lying down on the famo ...
"Kunidu kunidu baare" song at Jog Falls, Karnataka, India

Shot At

India > Karnataka
"Mungaru maleye" song while Preetham drives to Coorg for Nandini's wedding. The road to Coorg is filled with green, winding roads up the gentle hills which look awesome in the rain ...