Director : S.V Rajendra Singh

Production :

Cast : Suhasini, Vishnuvardhan

Muthina Haara is a story of love between an Indian Army soldier, Achappa (Vishnuvardhan) and an Army nurse (Suhasini). It evolves into a touching story of how war plays havoc with their lives and the relationships of people irrespective of whether they are in the battle field or not.


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India > Karnataka
"Madikeri Sipayi" song at Coorg. The Coorgis are a distinctive race of India known for their bravery since ages. They are the only race in India that has been permitted to acquire ...
"Huliya Haalina Mevu" song at Talacauvery. All new-born Coorgi children are brought to Talacauvery for blessings from Goddess Kaveri. The song prays to Goddess Kaveri's to bless th ...
"Saaru saaru" song at Gadisagar Lake. This is part of a dream by Anu.
"Saaru saaru" song at Bara Bagh in Jaisalmer. This is part of a dream by Anu.
"Saaru saaru" song at Jaisalmer Fort. This is part of a dream by Anu.
Indo-Pak war that Achappa is part of at the site of the Kuldhara Ruins in Jaisalmer.
Viraj, their son, die in a bomb blast, right in front of his mother's eyes. He is buried in the Jaisalmer sand dunes. Parents are inconsolable.
Posting of Achappa in Gulmarg at the High Altitude Warfare School
"Devaru Hoseda" song at Gulmarg. The final song in the movie, just before Achappa's death. Symbolically, the snow all around denotes the winter of life.