This wild tale showcases Jackie Chan's skills and charm as he plays both Meng Yi, a Qin Dynasty general, and as the same character's reincarnation, Jack Lee. Lee is an archaeologist, but spends much of his time experiencing strange memories from his past life.


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China > Gansu
All the war scenes are enacted at the Gansu Province in China. The Gansu Province has a wide range of climatic conditions and therefore boasts of different kinds of terrain. This d ...
When General Meng-Yi wants to drop Ok-soo to her kingdom, she is not keen to go! Her kingdom boundary is the Great Wall of China!
Jack Lee and friend meet archaeologists to find out the history of the sword, at the Terracota Army Museum, China
Jack Lee bids goodbye to Samantha and leaves Hampi, Karnataka, after having gotten the sword
The flying swami at the Stone Chariot in Hampi, Karnataka. As the swami is raised to the sky, his followers get down on their knees and bow down to the floor in reverence.
The flying swami soaring above the Vitthala Temple courtyard main entrance gopura.