Omkara (Ajay Devgan) heads a gang of outlaws, which include the crafty Langda Tyagi (Saif Ali Khan) and the dynamic Kesu (Vivek Oberoi). The story begins when Omi appoints Kesu and not Langda as his chief lieutenant. Langda’s pride is slighted and raging with envy he hatches a plot to falsely implicate Omi’s beautiful lover Dolly (Kareena Kapoor), in a love affair with Omi’s “favorite lieutenant”, Kesu.


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India > Maharashtra > Satara > Wai
Omkara's house in a UP village is shot in Wai, Maharashtra.
Raju jumps into the water from the Dhom Dam in depression since Dolly got married. Langda Tyagi cant stop laughing.
This is the temple atop where Omkara's coronation takes place. Langda Tyagi seethes in jealousy.The coronation scene, was shot in a remote temple around Allahabad. The actors were  ...