Kaya (Udita Goswami), a Buddhist village girl falls in love with Police Officer Shiven (John Abraham). Romantic feels are to be abhorred by Buddhists. So Kaya is torn between love and celibacy.


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The monastery that Kaya's father belongs to. The Rinpoche lives here. Rinpoche means the "precious one" and is used to address or describe Tibetan lamas and other high-ranking or r ...
Being born and brought up around monks, Kaya feels at home with the young monks
Kaya yearns for her beloved and sings the "Intezaar" song beside the Spiti River
Kaya waits for her beloved besides Chandra Tal lake, singing "Intezaar intezaar".
Kaya's "Intezaar" song continues into her village
Kaya's intezaar song continues amidst the green Pin Valley
In the movie, this hotel is shown as the interior of the Tabo Monastery, where the monk sends Kaya on a mission to Delhi.