Janam Janam Ka Pyaar is strongly flamed between Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Saira (Kirti Sanon) in today's times. All is well untill Saira bumps in with her lover Zak Merchant (Jim Sarbh) from previous life, who wants his unfinished love story to be solemnized in this life. Hence there are some twist and turns in this reincarnation love story.


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This melodious number plays at the backdrop when Shiv and Saira take some time off each other to realize the strong bonding of love between them shot at Keleti Train Station, Budap ...
This sizling title track performed by Deepika Padukone at the engagement ceremony of Saira and Zakir in the movie where Shiv is also present. Shot at Tata Castle, Hungary
This touching song is played when Shiv and Saira seperate after Saira gets engaged to Zak. This is shot at Liberty Bridge, Budapest, Hungary
Shiv tries to interrupt between Saira and Manav trying to prove that both of them have some common feelings between them at the Callas Café Restaurant
This is the first love song where Shiv and Saira express their love for each other. The song tours the city of Budapest through its places of interest. This part of the song has b ...