Director : Balu Mahendra

Production : Raj N Sippy, Romu N Sippy

Cast : Sridevi, Kamal Haasan

Somu (Kamal Hassan), a shy and naïve person, meets Reshmi (Laxmi) who has been struck by amnesia and now behaves like a 6-year old. He keeps Reshmi with him and they spend wonderful moments together. Unfortunately she gets cured …


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This is Somu's house where he brings Reshmi to live with him.
Silk Smita, the unsatisfied wife of an old man, tries her best to seduce Somu. He does not give in. This song is her erotic imagination.
This is one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in Indian cinema. Somu trying to stop Reshmi from leaving, who apparently has no memory of him whatsoever. The Ramnagar Station shown ...
Somu runs across many spectacular locations in search of Reshmi
Somu in search of Reshmi
Reshmi loves the quaint train, the Blue Mountain Express