Balu (Kamal Haasan) is a poor but talented bharatnatyam dancer, who cherishes the dream of participating in the All-India Classical Dance competition. Madhavi (Jayapradha) helps him secure his ambition. The crux of the film is the dancing, the art of it - and the love that could never quite be between the two characters.


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"Nadha vinodhamu" song at Botanical Gardens in Ooty. Here Balu is at his Bharatnatyam best! Kamal Haasan is also a trained classical dancer and his proficiency and difficult moveme ...
"Nadha vinodhamu" song continues at the Dolphin Nose, Ooty on the way to Ooty where Madhavi tries to match steps with him.
Balu's hospital is the Ooty Golf Links Club. This is also the place where the famous song where he dances drunk on a well singing "Thakita thadimi"
"Nadha vinodhamu" song at the Conoor tea gardens
Balu and Madhavi slowly falling in love. "Mounamelanoyi" song at Valluvar Kottam, Chennai. The large chariot wheels of the Kottam (stone chariot) is easily seen here.