Sahaj Paather Gappo - Colours of Innocence 

| 2017 | Bengali

Director : Manas Mukul Pal

Production : Avijit Saha

Cast : Sneha Biswas, Samiul Alam, Nur Islam

Sahaj Pather Gappo will enchant your thought and take to the land of emotion and imagination of a child. Brother's Gopal and Chottu are at odds when one of them dreams of an opportunity while the other remains grounded and practical. It is a story of innocence, yet is riddled with misery, greed, gluttony, envy, and hopelessness, which play an important role in the movie. It ends on a bittersweet note that even in the worst of times, there is always hope. 


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The final scene of the movie is pictured when both the brothers surviving the odds still hoping for good days lay near the river bed. They share about their feelings with each othe ...
As hardship falls on the two brothers hunger remains their constant partner. Gopal, the elder one reassures his younger sibling Chottu that he would manage some food for him by hoo ...
Gopal's mother serves both the brothers with some Mudi (puffed rice) and a leafy veggie. Tired of eating the same food everyday, Gopal reacts adversely and runs near the pond to cr ...