Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns 

| 2013 | Hindi

Aditya Singh (Jimmy Shergill) is the Maharaja of Devgarh. His alcoholic wife Madhavi (Mahie Gill) is the local MLA and has a reputation of throwing herself at every available man, while his own dormant loins are awakened by the prospect of remarrying Ranjana (Soha Ali Khan), whose heart actually throbs for minor ex-royal Indarjit Singh (Irrfan Khan). Indarjit has been waiting to avenge an ancient slight by Aditya’s family, and he throws himself into the mess by consorting with Madhavi.


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"Jugni" song at the Raj Mahal of Devgadh Baria, Gujarat, India. Here Madhavi, the Biwi of the Saheb is totally unprepared when she walks into the party hosted for her husband's eng ...
Devgadh Haveli, the crumbling palace in the movie is the Raj Mahal of Devgadh Baria, Gujarat, India
Madhavi and Inderjit at the Mansarovar Lake, Devgadh Baria, Gujarat
Inderjit and Ranjana cuddling and vowing to never leave each other in the Khos Valley, Gujarat, India