Salaam Namaste is a movie reflecting the highs and lows, trials and tribulations of a live-in relationship between Amber (Preity Zinta) and the debonair Nick (Saif Ali Khan) in the event of a pregnancy.


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"My dil goes mmmm" song at Webb Bridge in Melbourne, Australia
"Tu jahan main wahan" song at Split Point Lighthouse in Airey's Inlet, Victoria, Australia
"Salaam namasteyy" song at the Rye Beach in Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia
Reading newspaper in the toilet! That was the reason of their first fight. We can see the Great Ocean Road beyond them.
"Tu jahan main wahan" song at Otway National Park, Great Ocean Road, Australia
"My dil goes mmmm" song at Melbourne City Centre, on the bridge over the Yarra River. The triangular part of the Southgate Pedestrian Bridge is clearly seen.
"My dil goes mmmm" song at Melbourne with the buskers (street musicians)
Pregnant Ambar has a sudden craving for ice cream in the middle of the night, while singing the "Whats going on" song. Unable to find it anywhere, Nikhil brings her to the Crown Ca ...
Nick and Ambar's rented house in Fairhaven, Victoria, with breathtaking views of the Great Ocean Road and the Ocean beyond.
"Whats going on" song at the Silence Sculpture, Melbourne