The movie deals with the character of Sankara Sastry (Somayajulu J.V.), who is devoted to Sangeet (divine music) and his disciple Tulasi (Manju Bhargavi)-dancer, who is also very interested in classical arts. The caste-ridden society does not accept this relationship and so she leaves Sastry's home only to come back after several years, this time with her son.


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Tulasi, learning that she is pregnant leaves her mentor, Shankar Shastry, bears a boy and returns to where Shankar Shastry was staying. This scene shows how she gets a glimpse of h ...
"Sa ri ga ri" song on the banks of River Krishna, Amravathi, Andhra Pradesh, India. Tulasi while listening to Sankar Shastry starts dancing to his raagas
"Raagam Tanam Pallavi" song at Chennakeshava Temple in Belur in Karnataka, India. While Shankar Sastry sings in concert, Tulasi imagines herself dancing to his song at this temple. ...
"Raagam Tanam Pallavi" song continues at Hoysaleshwara Temple in Halebidu, Karnataka, India