Set in the 70s, Shala is simple story-telling at its best, straight from the heart. While going down your own memory lane, you relate to Mukunda (Anshuman Joshi) who falls in love with his classmate Shirodkar (Ketaki) and the meaning of love at a tender age. Mukunda, his friends and their exploits in school is a delight to watch. Little do they know that by the end of the year, things take a turn and affect their lives


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The Shala in Kanhegao is a small town school in Panhala, near Kohlapur in Maharashtra
Joshi waits for Shirodkar in the lane of her house. They meet outside for the first time and this scene is the most touching and tender scene in the movie. Since Panhala mini-town  ...

Shot At

India > Maharashtra > Satara > Wai
Joshi at the lake near Wai, Maharashtra, India...aimlessly throwing a stone into the still waters. He becomes disturbed since he had gotten his friend Surya into trouble.